Zach Wilson New York Jets

Smiling Zach Wilson Brings Positivity to New York Jets Training Camp. Zach Wilson has landed his dream job and now he’s

working hard to prove to the New York Jets coaching staff that he can make an impact this season. The quarterback entered

the NFL draft in 2011 after leading Florida State University to three national championships, winning twice during his junior

and senior years. But even with his stellar college football career, many teams passed on Wilson due to his height (he’s

5’11). But that didn’t bother him—he knew God had another plan for him...and it was with the Jets! There was a big gap in

New York Jets quarterback coaching. Paul Hackett, who coached Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith for three seasons, left

after last season for UCLA. The Jets hired former Denver Broncos quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp to replace him. It

should be an easy transition from Hackett to Knapp. They’re both offensive minded coaches and they both love Zach

Wilson. You can tell just by looking at his Twitter feed that he loves his job. In fact, it seems like he’s smiling all of the time!

You have to wonder if it has anything to do with being around happy players like Bilal Powell or Darrelle Revis? But seriously

folks, let's get serious here. Smiling Zach Wilson is part of what makes Jets training camp fun again! #JetsCamp14