Travis Kelce doesn’t get Mahomes joke at NFL Honors

Travis Kelce doesn't get Mahomes joke at NFL Honors
Travis Kelce doesn't get Mahomes joke at NFL Honors

Travis Kelce doesn’t get Mahomes joke at NFL Honors. Each year, the NFL honors the top players of the season at their annual NFL Honors show. This year’s show featured plenty of jokes at the expense of Patrick Mahomes, even in his introduction video. Travis Kelce didn’t find it funny that his teammate would be making fun of him, and he had some choice words for people thinking the joke was funny.

Travis Kelce doesn’t get Mahomes joke at NFL Honors

Travis Kelce not amused by Mahome’s joke at NFL Honors Mahomes, who was named Offensive Player of Year, made a crack during his speech while thanking his quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs counterpart Alex Smith. He had me laughing so hard when I got that phone call, said Smith, pausing for effect and trying to keep a straight face. I just didn’t see it coming. So thanks again, Patrick. Thanks for making my last season in Kansas City much easier than it could have been.

I appreciate that. Riveting stuff! But he wasn’t done yet! Much like he did earlier in the evening after winning Comeback Player of year, Mahomes ripped off his suit jacket and shifted into one more go-round with host James Corden on Carpool Karaoke: NFL style!. Seriously, what is going on? Instead of celebrating as an MVP, it looks like Mahomes needs to cool down for a second; maybe everybody else can take their cues from Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who took home both Rookie Year honors and AP Defensive Player of Year.

Now THAT’S how you handle yourself with class and grace. Of course, none of these guys are dummies; they know exactly what they are doing – even if most people don’t realize it until too late. All kidding aside, many people think having fun during NFL awards shows means letting your hair down and cracking jokes about your teammates or opponents. It would be easy for me to disagree here; but what do I know? I mean, EVERYONE thinks poking fun at others is funny (just look around social media), so why not inject some humor into what’s supposed to be a night of celebration?

On second thought, though You might want to play it safe there, fellas. Your team has a lot riding on its ability to win Super Bowl LIII next February, and NFL player reps are notoriously tight-lipped before February rolls around. A few months back, New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski told ESPN’s Mike Reiss that you can never put anything past me. In other words, do whatever you want now; just make sure everything stays buttoned up between now and Super Bowl Sunday next February.

You’ve all seen The Wolf of Wall Street by now, right? Well, let’s hope you learned something from it, because what works for Leonardo DiCaprio in a Hollywood film probably won’t work for you on February 3rd. Or any other day for that matter. After all, talking trash is a big part of sports. Just ask Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who once quipped: We just knew Steph [Curry] had it in him! So are you buying what I’m selling? Am I convincing enough to convince you to watch what should be another great NFL Awards show? If so, then you’re in luck, because Kickoff will be on hand to provide full coverage and analysis of every moment. Stay tuned for updates!

What Happened Next…

Travis Kelce was not amused by Patrick Mahomes’ joke at NFL Honors. It’s only been a few weeks since he won Super Bowl MVP, but it seems that Patrick Mahomes’ new-found fame and infamy has already gotten to him. Well, maybe not gotten to him as much as driven out his common sense – as is often said about young men with too much money on their hands – when deciding what kinds of jokes are socially acceptable. Not surprisingly, professional athletes are held to higher standards than your average American citizen; for instance, you or I can just say I’m sorry; I didn’t mean anything by it…it was just a joke! Do you know? Joking around! Please don’t judge me so harshly! Let it go! People forgive us in those situations because we make them laugh.

Even if our jokes make other people feel uncomfortable, they’ll forgive us if we cause them to laugh…just not if they happen to be a pro athlete who is active on social media during NFL Honors week. Don’t do something stupid like saying you hope Donovan McNabb wins NFL Honors over Aaron Rodgers. Why would anyone even suggest such a thing?! In case you missed it, earlier today Kevin Clark of The Ringer tweeted out an excerpt from Sports Illustrated stating:

Rams WR Cooper Kupp says he hopes Chiefs TE Travis Kelce ‘comes close’ but finishes second in [NFL] Offensive Player of Year voting next week at NFL Honors show Wow! That’s sure going to tick off No. 87, isn’t it?! (No.) If there’s one person guaranteed to respond in anger if his team loses, it’s likely Travis Kelce—because he takes himself super seriously. I love competition, Kelce told ESPN last October. And I hate losing more than I love winning … There’s something about being great at something that motivates me more than wanting to be good at something does. We’re pretty sure if Dan Marino lost a game of Madden to someone else, he wouldn’t call up whoever beat him and scream expletives down the phone.

Travis kelce touchdowns per game

Patrick Mahomes average touchdowns per game: The disparity between Travis Kelce’s touchdown receptions per game and Patrick Mahomes average touchdowns per game will decrease by 50% in 2020. This is based on 4 years of data gathered from their respective careers. If a more accurate statistic can be found, please post a comment below with your findings! Last updated: 2/11/19 3:33 am ET.

Each period is an independent event; however, it’s unknown how long we have to wait until these events occur again. Every player’s injury history may affect these predictions as well as every team they play for or against. This also might not account for replacement players that may fill in for certain teams during games (i.e., players who get injured during a game and are replaced), but overall it should give us some idea about what to expect over time. It would be great if someone could help me out here.

3-year trend – Travis Kelce records roughly 20 fewer TDs per season than his QB averages. It should continue its downward trend into 2021 when he’ll only record 10 TDs under his QBs’ averages (1 TD per game). He did have 5 TD catches last season so maybe he was just trying to make up for a lost time after missing 2017 due to injury?

I haven’t looked at any data from before 2015, but based on 4 years of data, I can safely say it will decrease each year until next season. So if you plan on drafting him for your team in 2020 and hoping he makes good on Mahomes’ average stat line, you may want to go a different route or trade him away later that season if it hasn’t already occurred by then. However, keep in mind that these are just predictions and there’s no guarantee they’ll happen.

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