Jets draft picks being eased

Jets Draft Picks Eased In, But Expect Impacts. The New York Jets have had their share of draft picks over

the years, and not all of them have had immediate impacts on the field. Some were slow to learn the 

game, and others had injury problems or other issues that kept them out of the limelight early on in their 

careers. Still, many Jets draft picks have gone on to make their mark in some way on the NFL team as 

well as develop into elite players at their positions. The New York Jets have introduced their draft picks 

slowly into training camp, but they're already making impacts on defense. It is common to ease rookie 

players into camp at first, giving them time to get used to NFL practices and a new playbook, while also

determining how they'll fit with their new team. One of those recent additions was corner back Sauce

Gardner, who has been making big plays during team drills since entering camp. During red zone drills 

today, Gardner tackled wide receiver Victor Vasquez for a loss in scrimmage. In a press conference after 

practice, head coach Matt Kay said that he expects more from Gardner as camp goes on and as he gets 

used to his new team. You can see his instincts, Kay said. Jets fans should expect to see even more from 

him as camp continues. Jets GM Al Silverman told reporters that he had high hopes for Gardner, saying

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