Evan Rachel Wood Marilyn Manson YouTube

Evan Rachel Wood Marilyn Manson YouTube

Are you curious about what happened between Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood? Because this relationship lasted only one year and ended in 2012, the fans are not aware of what the real reason behind their breakup was.

But now Evan Rachel Wood has made new accusations against her former partner – claiming that he made her wait on him after she got an abortion from him, and later raped her when she was unconscious.

Marilyn Manson YouTube

A YouTube video has surfaced of Marilyn Manson appearing to rape a preganant Evan Rachel Wood. The video is from 2004, and it’s unclear when exactly in Evan’s pregnancy she was at. In an old clip from YouTube, Manson can be seen with his arm around a seemingly pregnant female.

As disturbing as it is, there are still millions of views on YouTube for these videos. These allegations come on top of others that have been made by other women against Marilyn Manson. One time in 1999, Marilyn allegedly had sex with a minor who was 13 years old.

It seems Marilyn’s perverted past may be catching up with him once again, only now he could face some serious legal consequences if these new accusations turn out to be true. Marilyn Manson raped me, said actress Evan Rachel Wood during her interview for her new HBO series Marilyn.

Marilyn responded with a simple statement: I don’t want to be associated with something so vile. In order to clarify what she meant, Wood added: The reason I haven’t said anything is because I think that out of respect for [my ex-husband] I didn’t want to blast him in public.

While details about their relationship remain unknown, we do know one thing: When asked about her experience with abortion, both actors were very clear about how they felt.

Evan Rachel Wood Claims

While some of what Evan Rachel Wood claimed occurred when she was just 16 years old, her most explosive accusations are related to recent events.

According to her account, a violent encounter with Marilyn Manson in an NYC hotel room left Evan Rachel Wood fearing for her life and set off a pattern of destructive behavior that would lead to the worst day of my life two years later.

In 2016, Wood claims, she went into labor and was hospitalized but her relationship with Marilyn Manson prevented her from following doctors’ orders. During a conversation about abortion, he had been adamant that we should not bring another creature into this world if we were not prepared to care for it.

His arguments were logical but cold. He told me directly I will not be a part of killing any baby. I did not share his belief system and was not prepared to raise a child alone during my teenage years – especially considering that he made it clear I would have no support or input on whether or not we kept it.

Evan Rachel Woods Says He Tried To Break Up With Her Then

When I was pregnant, it wasn’t like we sat down and said ‘OK, let’s have a baby. You know. We didn’t talk about it at all. The star revealed how their relationship went downhill in her new show ‘Evan Rachel Won: Slumber Party’, which premiered on HBO on Saturday (08.07.18).

In one clip, Evan claimed he tried to break up with her after she became pregnant during an episode of their 2006 tour for their album ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’. She said: He was like ‘I don’t think we should do that anymore’ and I was like, ‘What?

He’s like … he tried to break up with me while I was in my second trimester. So we get back from tour and then as soon as we got back, boom… I found out I was pregnant. So when you’re coming off a world tour and your career is going so well, you’re just happy to be home and then bam… your whole life changes again but it wasn’t expected.

While discussing their relationship further in another clip from her new series, Evan – who has daughter Lila with Marilyn – admitted he’d made mistakes throughout their seven-year romance. She added: There were times where I thought things were gonna be different or better but there were also times where I was so young too. We had very different lifestyles.

Evan Rachel Woods Is Not Settling For Anything Less Than A Full Apology

In a series of tweets Thursday morning, Woods claimed that her ex-fiancé physically and emotionally abused her during their relationship. She has not yet addressed any possible physical abuse that may have happened with Manson, but it’s important to note that there is nothing weak about admitting your experiences or staying in an abusive relationship. There is no shame in choosing your mental health over continuing to stay with someone who hurts you.

As society slowly begins to understand domestic violence more and more each day, Evan Rachel Woods Is Not Settling For Anything Less Than A Full Apology. It can be extremely challenging for victims to come forward and talk about their experience, let alone call out their abuser in public; making threats against her son only makes it even harder on Woods.

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