Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray NBA Playoffs

Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray NBA Playoffs
Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray NBA Playoffs

Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray NBA Playoffs, The Only Game In NBA Playoff History Where Two Players Scored 50 Or More Points. The NBA season was shaken to its core during the 2019-2020 season.

This was of course due to the COVID-19 virus that has and still is devastating the entire world. The season had ended dramatically as the top-seeded Denver Nuggets took on the Houston Rockets in round one of the NBA playoffs.

They would end up winning the series, but what happened during game 7 will go down in history as one of, if not the greatest game ever played in NBA history and by far Jamal Murray’s greatest accomplishment to date.

Why you should watch this series?

The Denver Nuggets led by Denver Nugget Jamal Murray and San Antonio Spurs Guard Derrick White went head to head in a game that neither will forget any time soon. This was both players’ 1st year in this series and for White, he averaged 22 points per game shooting 42% from beyond three-point range which is great for him however Murray had what we could consider a career series averaging 27 points per game on 57% from beyond three-point land!

If you’re looking for an exciting match up then you should tune into these two stars go at it again as they play each other in game 3 of their best of seven series starting at 9:30 PM EST. You won’t want to miss it so tune in to ESPN or ABC and catch all of your favorite teams’ live action tonight!

There are several reasons why you should watch game three between Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray and San Antonio Spurs rookie Derrick White. Firstly, if you watched games one and two between these two then you know how incredible these games were already!

Secondly, not only are they some of our young rising stars but also we have never seen 2 players score over 50 points in a playoff series before them now I know it may seem impossible but if anyone can do it it’s them because let’s be honest no one has ever seen anything like either player who has been considered top tier talents since entering college!

How does this team get to this point?

Denver came into this game without Paul Millsap and Mason Plumlee who were out with knee injuries and were forced to start Torrey Craig and Trey Lyles at forward respectively, neither of whom are accustomed to playing as starters for extended periods during Denver’s playoff runs.

Nikola Jokic also started this game off cold-shooting only 2/9 from 3 point range and only scoring 9 points in 30 minutes played by halftime but eventually, he got going finishing with 34 points on 11/26 shooting including 4/10 from deep while adding 10 rebounds and 7 assists in 37 minutes played by gametime.

And finally, Jamal Murray had himself a game finishing with 53 points on 21/33 shooting including 6/13 from 3 point range while adding 4 rebounds in 43 minutes played by gametime.

What you can learn from watching them?

Denver Denver Nuggets Jamal Murray will face OKC in a playoffs game with Jokic and Paul George as prime examples of how much talent they can have on one team. Sometimes you can even learn things from watching them play against each other.

Talent alone won’t win you games and it’s nice to be reminded of that by watching these two players (and their teams) make such huge contributions to their respective teams’ playoff success!

Predictions/Thoughts about this series

Though many are expecting this series to go 7 games, I am not one of them. I expect this series to be a 4-2 series in favor of OKC. I don’t think that their 1st and 2nd match-up will provide much tension as most are predicting.

Prediction: Denver vs OKC 3-0 / 1-3 if Denver loses game 1 Denver has struggled mightily since March Madness against strong teams. They have failed to beat Portland (1-5), Houston (1-4), and even Memphis (1-4).

What is more concerning is that they lost to New Orleans twice during playoffs by an average margin of 15 points per game, losing by an average margin of 23 points against Memphis during playoff series with two winnable home games left at Denver.

This has been done without Embiid or Butler who was major contributors on offense last season while allowing 117 PPG against these teams compared to 110 PPG without Embiid or Butler.

An overall game prediction for both games (1 & 2)

It’s really hard to give a prediction on who will win both games due to Jokic not playing in game 1 and it is their 2nd game in 2 days. If I had to guess (assuming Jokic is fully healthy) I would say that Toronto wins game 1 and Denver wins game 2 which would mean they win series 4-1 over Toronto with only one home loss for Denver or one road win for Toronto.

The Toronto Raptors are coming off of an impressive playoff run last year where they ended up losing to Milwaukee Bucks in 7 games after taking them to 6. With Kawhi Leonard returning from injury along with new additions Danny Green and Greg Monroe joining Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam, Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka, and Fred VanVleet; there is no doubt that they have improved from last year.

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